How to make two applications communicate with each other

Currently I'm building a website with a CRM (using FatFreeCRM). On the main website I want to users to be able to fill in some forms and I want to manage the news articles within the CRM. The problem is, is that I'm a bit worried about the security of the application. I don't want the main website to be able to read sensitive data from the CRM. But I want the CRM to read information out of the main website.

What is the best structure to build this? I'm thinking about building two separate applications on the same server with his own database, but the CRM will connect to the main website database to read that information. Is this a good and secure option?

Hopefully you can help me out.

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  1. I’d like to help you but I need to dig a bit more into this; can you tell about:
    – It seems you develop and control both the CRM and the main website, is that correct?
    – Why do you think it is better to keep data separated?
    – If you are building the main site, you would be the only one capable of accessing the data. Who else, how else?
    – What is the risk (financial, reputation, …) if data actually leaks?
    – What could cause the data to leak and what’s the likeliness?

    Maybe these questions will already simplify things without needing an answer.. 🙂


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