What to do after completing Hartl’s Rails tutorial?

As someone without a background in CS and interested in applying for a ROR dev position, I'm wondering if there are any other resources I should consume before applying. Yes, I intend to create several more apps of my own.

But do you think there are other resources someone in my position should read? Or does Hartl encompass everything you'd need to know for an entry level position?

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  1. Hey, I’m not an experienced Rails developer, I’m just starting (I just got hired in a startup where Rails is their main), but I’ve already made Hartls tutorial.
    Maybe, and correct me if I’m wrong, even knowing the framework, you should complement your knowledge with some Ruby books or courses. Because the language is Ruby, not Rails, and maybe you should keep in touch with what the language has to offer and understand Rails’ “behind the scenes”, because sometimes it looks kind of a magical framework that does everything for you. Also you may search and experiment some alternative gems to make your apps even greater.

  2. Nothing will prepare you more for a position than getting your hands dirty and building as many apps as you can.

    Tutorials and books are great, but what will make you excel is becoming a good problem solver. You need to be able to apply the knowledge you already have to new domains. You also need to learn how to solve your own problems by debugging, researching, asking the right questions, finding the right resources, etc. Building real-world applications (without the help of a tutorial) is where you can really exercise these skills.

    You will never know “everything there is to know” about RoR or programming in general. But if you are a good learner and can figure things out on-the-fly then you will succeed.

    Aside from building apps, here are some other things you may want to try post-Hartl: [5 Recommendations If You’ve Finished the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial](http://www.carlosramireziii.com/5-recommendations-if-youve-finished-michael-hartl-tutorial.html?utm_source=reddit)


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