Chrome Extension to save multiple tabs

Hello guys,

i've recently worked on a Chrome Extension to save/manage group of tabs.
it's here:

i built it in my free time out of frustration because most of the time i have 2 or 3 Chrome's windows opened with multiple tabs at the same time, and sometimes you just want to close everything to do something quickly and go back later to all your tabs.

it's still an early version probably buggy and without a complete 'help' section, with only a bunch of hours put into it, but still, i use it daily and for my own use is really handy!

i would like to improve it for people who likes it,
so any Feedback is more than welcome!

What do you think?
Thanks! 😉

1 thought on “Chrome Extension to save multiple tabs”

  1. Cool extension. Tried it just a sec ago 🙂
    It seems that it have a bug.
    Is there a github repo or something to open a issue?


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