I open-sourced some helpful bake, search, and ACL code I wrote for work.

Take a look. Still beta code and am adding to it, but I wanted to streamline the creation of our new admin portal at work. I put all this functionality into a plugin I call [CakePHP-Yummy](https://github.com/cnizzardini/cakephp-yummy). It includes:

* Bake templates for CRUD views
* A search tool allowing end-users to perform basic searches on a table and its associations.
* An ACL component for basic group based access controls.

I'm still working on this of course and plan on porting my [cakephp-datatables](https://github.com/cnizzardini/cakephp-datatable) project from Cake 2 over as well. [Demo here](http://cake3.cnizz.com/yummy-demo/teams).

Let me know if you find this useful or have any suggestions.

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