Getting stated with Rails

I've tried to greet Rails installed for the past day on 2 different Windows workstations.

I download and run the 2.3 installer and it runs fine. I can launch the interpreter but I couldn't issue any rails commands like to create a new project. I waa able to do that with the gitbash app but I'm following a tutorial and this person was using a mac and terminal program.

I also could not run the bundle install or update gems.

Anyone else having trouble or am I missing a simile step?


5 thoughts on “Getting stated with Rails”

  1. I was getting errors and also could not start git bash.

    I’m doing better now having installed git outside of the rails installer bundle.

  2. Did the railsinstaller bundle. I didn’t solve my problem until I downloaded and installed git outside of that. Now, I cannot run rake commands even after updating the path. Using Ruby 5.0 and Rails 2.2 & 2.3.


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