I inherited a RubyOnRails site. How to run locally??

Here's my tale: I've inherited a RoR site. I'm only miminally familiar with RoR. The app is currently running on the host SpeedyRails. I can do basic changes by modifying a controller or erb file and uploading via SFTP then restarting. The app was originally deployed via Capistrano from a github repo (now long gone).

There are two main issues I'd like to resolve:
1. Get the app running locally.
2. Get the production app to recompile assets (if I need to add images or SCSS to the production site).

For 1: I've downloaded the app files, have run gem update, gem install commands. All appears to be installed, but 'rails c' or launching a rails server fails with an error: can't find the gemfile. The files in "bin/" appear to be referencing a gemfile in a path from what appears to be a previous Capistrano release.

Any helpful suggestions, advice?

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  1. try ‘bundle install’ first. you may get a message to ‘bundle update’ as well. any errors when you bundle?

    rails c is a shortcut for console. you want to run a server, right? try ‘rails server’ (or, if in the cloud, ‘rails server -b $IP -p $PORT’)

    edit: I also suggest [this tutorial](https://www.railstutorial.org/book) if you have the time. The first two chapters provide a good basic overview of the Rails structure.


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