Docker 1.13 released

Check out the the new "prune" commands. Works great for all of you who actively play with new docker images.

docker system prune - removes all unused data

docker container prune - removes all stopped containers

docker image prune - removes all unused images

docker volume prune - removes all unused volumes

12 thoughts on “Docker 1.13 released”

  1. This is awesome! Especially the support for docker-compose files in swarm mode. Have been waiting some time for this. Now I can finally upgrade my swarm to swarm mode.

  2. Can someone explain why the depends_on: condition: service_healthy option is only available in docker-compose file format 2.1 and not version 3?! And the changelog says it won’t be supported. There must be a reason, but the docs don’t say why. Is that the default or something? Is there no way to tweak it in version 3?

  3. Can it run on windows without molesting the existing virtual networking configuration? I had to stop running it after it destroyed my system the first time I tried it.


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