Noob Who Wants to be a Werzard

Hey all,

I've come to the realization that I really want to dive back into web development for a number of reasons.

The problem I face is knowing where to start. Here's a summary of my skills at this time:

I know HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript. I hold a good foundational knowledge of programming overall and a logical mind.

Here's what I'm still unsure of: with what I do know, am I ready to begin learning Ruby on Rails, or am I lacking some knowledge/training that should be completed in between?

Any help is super appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Noob Who Wants to be a Werzard”

  1. The route I took was basically learn Ruby first. Experiment with manually creating my own model associations, learn basic SQL, create my own basic ORM, learn Active Record, make a Sinatra app, and then take Rails with a good tutorial. Learning a bit about Rack was also helpful to me. Something to think about.

  2. Ruby on Rails is the best for a noob who wants to be a werzard! Sounds like you have all the basics for the front end development portion of ruby on rails. There are a few concepts you will have to learn and it will be challenging at times since it is much more complex than html and css (since those aren’t really programming), but you can totally do it.

    A redditor just a few days ago posted a link to his book which is free to download on [Google Play]( I haven’t personally used that book but from a quick glance it looked pretty good. Also, check out Derek Banas on YouTube to get a crash course in Ruby. Once you have a basic understanding of Ruby which shouldn’t take too long, then move onto the rails portion. Just get a decent book and follow along and code alongside the tutorials in the book. Checkout [Mackenzie Child]( on YouTube to get crash courses on rails and rapid app development.

    Then remember, [werzards never die](

    PM me if you need any help or have any questions.


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