Is there a way to turn off Chrome’s material design?


I really don't like the Material Design layout that has been introduced in a recent Chrome update. The last time this happened, I was able to revert to the old layout by turning off Material Design in chrome://flags. However, it seems this flag is gone now.

Does anyone know of another way to turn off the material design? Thank you.

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  1. yeah the “Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI” flag seems to be broken and does nothing when disabling/enabling

    fucking cunts always trying to fix what isnt broken

  2. Seriously, it’s not even a matter of personal taste, the new design makes the top bar font way too small and completely fucks up my extensions bar.

    Not to mention the redesign of the history menu and UI in general is just bad in my opinion. I don’t get why they’re always trying to change this stuff, YouTube for example changes their UI like every other month and the change is never popular.

    There’s a good reason why I disabled this crap the day it released last time they pushed it, only last time they actually gave us the choice to revert.

  3. It isn’t possible to revert it anymore but it’s not too late for feedback. A bunch of Chrome developers are lurking here (including me).

    Give specifics of things that aren’t working for you.

    Typically any design change meets initial resistance but people get used to it.

    But if something is harder to read, or harder to click, or something like that, we want that specific feedback.

  4. I just got this update a minute ago and I hate it.

    The history tab is difficult to read and the address bar text is smaller.

    The number one thing all these companies need to stop doing is automatically updating the software/app for you. It’s so wrong.

    EDIT: ohhhh, the navigation arrows now have a weird animation thing going on when you click them. Who thought this was a good idea?

  5. Sigh, another stupid thing we cannot disable at all in Chrome.
    First it was the user button which we could remove with adding a line on the shortcut, then they removed that.
    Now they removed the option to disable this stupid looking Material design that just looks horrible.
    The taps are so freaking huge for no reason at all, search is floating, font on icons etc are bad.

    Probably the worst design choice I seen in any program in a long time, and now I cannot disable this either.

    No Idea why I am still with chrome, should just move back to firefox where I have more options.

    Google are just like MS today, forcing crap on you that you cannot disable, change.

    Chrome user for so many years but this is getting tiresome.

  6. I must be in the minority of people that are having no problems with reading any of the text (from 2 foot away) and quite like the design.

  7. Just why?!
    Fatter tabs and smaller font makes no sense! It takes up more space from the viewport while making it harder to read the text. Also this grey/white theme looks ugly IMHO.

    All just b/c someone at google decided that it is best for us (the users) to have the same ONE design everywhere, on every device/page/app even if it looks terrible … “people will get used to it”.
    Giving a guide for developers to create better ui/ux is good, but forcing it on everyone and everything is retarded.

  8. Address bar text is too small and the lighter grey is too bright on the tab/nav/fav bars.

    I do really like Chrome but I find myself visiting this and similar pages after every update recently. To me, looking back Chrome peaked a while ago from a UI perspective and since having my user name added to the top bar with no way to remove it (on a single user PC), and now this Material Design with no way to revert or option to change colour or font size, it feels like change for the sake of change and a “we know best” attitude rather than development for users.

  9. **DOWNLOADS** tab is complete waste of space. And OF COURSE recently they changed *Clear all* and put it behind the menu… so one more unnecessary click.

  10. I’m not holding out hope since there’s still a huge fucking profile button next to my minimize button that I DO NOT NEED. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A FUCKING YEAR. I’ve been getting feedback emails that they ignore for a fucking year on their forums. They literally do not care about feedback.

    So, it’ll be ignored, but here’s my feedback. Everything is too small. Icons, text, too small. Not legible. I’ve changed things in my settings but icons are still too small, and I think my text is going to be huge on any normal website. (Reddit is not normal, and often does not match font sizes with other text heavy sites.)

    And these new home and refresh icon styles? Ugly. Looks like Apple. You’re fucking Google, stop copying Apple. Lame-asses.

    The previous style was ok. Not great, but useable and not offensive. Give me a fucking option for once Google. And let me hide this god damned profile button already. It doesn’t even have a fucking profile signed in, it’s a local user called “Fuck-Google”. Literally useless and hogging UI space.

    Give me fucking options.

  11. I have weather extension that displays the temperature in numbers and a feed reader extension . Before it was highlighted Red with white text, now, on top of the text being smaller it is blue highlight on white text, I’m already going blind enough as it is

  12. I understand “people getting used to it”. However, this is something I will NEVER get used to. If it isn’t fixed in a week, I’m dumping Chrome. I can’t read my extensions AT ALL now as the text in them is now less than a 16th of an inch!

  13. I have used Chrome happily for the last 5 years without much issue and I just made the permanent switch to firefox literally 2 hours ago because of these changes. I can not even see the freaking search bar it is so absurdly tiny.

    In a way I’m grateful for this update because it has shown to me how there is much better more user-friendly and customizable browsers out there. So in a way thank you chrome developers.

  14. I don’t care about the design itself. What I do care about is the lag when opening extensions that pop-out like Silverbird, Gmail checker, or Google Voice. It lags for about 1-2 seconds before actually opening them. And the spacing between the shown extensions is too wide; it’s so annoying.

  15. Something I haven’t seen mentioned is that most themes people use will have been designed for non-material design. Now that we have been forced to use material design with version 55 people might also be noticing things about their theme that look different from before. For example my favourite theme now has a weird line at the top of each tab. There was previously a highlight colour at the top of the tabs with non-material design, but now that the shape of the tabs are different, the highlight is in the wrong place by a few pixels. Small details that made themes look polished before now look off/are in the wrong place.

    If I haven’t explained that clearly the basic point is the switch to material design has made previously good looking themes look less polished because they were designed for non-material. /u/dmazzoni

  16. The new Chrome Material Design is very bad for anyone with a visual impairment. The address bar text is now too small to read easily – the “Toolbar” icons are less distinct being smaller and of lower contrast – and the Chrome “hamburger” menu has virtually disappeared – replace by 3 tiny dots. So to those Developers that think the UI change and loss of an override is of little consequence just spare a thought for those of us with less than perfect sight.
    You too will get old one day and need help.

    While not a long term option I am now blocking the upgrade from v54 – and praying that the Chrome Developers will listen to all the negative feedback on the forums.

  17. This makes my tabs harder to distinguish between unless I have the perfect lighting in my office. It is also harder to tell which tab I’m looking at when I want to close one.

    I hate this design. Please stop it you asshole google techs lurking here.


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