[Ruby/Rails/Sass] Font-Awesome-Sass gem says it’s installed but gives me error when I import in CSS. (x-post /r/learnprogramming)

I'm building a personal project site in Cloud9 and have run into an issue with the Font-Awesome-Sass gem that I just can't figure out. Here's what I have:

First I placed the following lines in 'gemfile' as per the [documentation](https://github.com/FortAwesome/font-awesome-sass#a-ruby-on-rails):

gem 'font-awesome-sass', '~> 4.7.0'

I then ran bundle install in terminal, and the list it returned included font-awesome-sass.

Next, I opened 'application.css.scss' in my app/assets stylesheet and placed the following two lines directly under my bootstrap import lines (bootstrap followed this exact same process and is working correctly):

@import "font-awesome-sprockets";
@import "font-awesome";

I then insert my desired icon into my HTML which I know is working properly because if I use font-awesome's HTML import instead of the gem install it appears (I just prefer to do it the rails/sass way for consistency).

However, when I preview my page I see an error pertaining to the @import "font-awesome-sprockets"; line in my CSS:

File to import not found or unreadable: font-awesome-sprockets.

Which sounds to me like it didn't install correctly. The thing is I'm building this site alongside the upskills tutorial and, after experiencing the problem for the first time I copy/pasted the entire gemfile from that site into mine, which both use the exact same gems. It's working in my tutorial site, so I can't figure out how it could possibly not be working here.

Any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: Included entire gemfile:


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