Linking “rails” to “Mysql”

Hello All,
I'm losing my mind. I'm a beginner and have spent nearly 24 hours trying to simply access MYsql from rails or even just from my command prompt. I've tried quite a few suggestions from stack overflow such as I have rails (which I confirmed in cmd line) and I have MYsql ,am able to use the workbench etc.

What I cannot do , is use MYsql with my rails app through the command line or even just open it fro there. Has anyone had this problem? After the saga of getting it installed I thought it would be smooth sailing.

So back to HTML until I figure this out or get help. Thanks all

2 thoughts on “Linking “rails” to “Mysql””

  1. todo

    * put your app on github
    * link to said github
    * insert log of what you are trying to do from the command line
    * wait for a kind redditor to have a look
    * ???
    * profit

  2. What error message(s) are you getting, and what have you tried so far? I haven’t used Rails with MySQL myself, but the book I’m working from says you have to edit database.yml and add the MySQL gem to your Gemfile, so posting those files (or linking to the project containing them on your Github account as /u/The_Amp_Walrus suggested) may be helpful.


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