Introducing Tensorflow Ruby API

Hi Everyone,
I am the author of [tensorflow.rb]( the Ruby API for Tensorflow.
The Ruby community has been very enthusiastic about developing a Ruby API for tensorflow (more on this [thread]( and I decided to work on it.

I faced incredible challenges along the way but I do have many interesting findings that I would like to share with you guys. The tensorflow.rb gem can be found on this [link]( Aside from that, I have written three blog posts where I have given a very brief summary of the work

1. [Introductory blog post](
2. [Developers blog post]( (This post is for rubyists and developers of other languages.)
3. [Image Recognition Tutorial](

The project still needs a lot of work and contributions are very welcome. I encourage everyone to read the blog posts and then install and play with Tensorflow.rb. Any comments/suggestions would be nice and you can always post your thoughts on the [gitter channel]( or comment below.

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