How to revert back to the old style chrome (before the update).

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> they switched to a new design language called "material design".
to switch back, enter "chrome://flags/" in the address bar, scroll down to "Material Design in the browser's top chrome", change the option from "default" to "non-material" and your back to the old look 🙂

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  1. Oh god, thank you. The new look is downright atrocious. It increased the size of each tab on the switchbar while simultaneously decreasing the size of texts and icons in every other element of the browser (less screen real estate, ugly looking). It made me so uncomfortable that coming to this board was my last step before switching browsers. Thanks again.

  2. Is this talking about a recent change that made incognito browser windows in Chrome have a different color scheme, and (I think) changed the way the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button at the top right looks? (I think it was horizontal before, now it is vertical.)

    I looked at the update release history and couldn’t find any sign of an update since 8/31. But this change seemed to occur last night.

  3. Until they remove it in a patch 😉

    I’ll be staying on 51 for the forseeable future since they removed GDI rendering on windows.

  4. Wow, thanks a bunch! I couldn’t figure out where a third of my tabs had gone, and realized the other browser icons looking rather petite.

    I hate changes that make things worse for users.

  5. I had to do a system restore to go back to the Chrome 51 I duped the computer into using thanks to this link:

    It was working fine until I did a hard shutdown a couple hours ago and suddenly Chrome was a mess. I can’t stand DirectWrite on this laptop; it looks like garbage.

    I hope there will be other workarounds, because I know next time I shut down, Chrome will decide to change my browser again.

  6. I like the new design but one thing.
    Who the hell came up with the light grey background on mouseover in the right click menu? Someone at google is either blind or mentally retarded.
    Would take the design at any time if it was still blue

  7. Thanks /u/Lord_Hippo!

    I have turned off ALL the “Material Design” flags hoping to get the old bookmark folder icons to look as they did before, and have had no luck. Has anyone been able to get the bookmark folders back to the way they were? Thanks! 🙂

    [Chrome Bookmark Folders – Top: BEFORE, Bottom: AFTER](


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