Probably a dumb question, but did Chrome’s visuals change in an update recently?

A few mins ago I noticed that Chrome's visuals changed. Did this happen for anyone else or am I going crazy?

Edit: Guys, if you want it the old way, use the method /u/Lord_Hippo told me.

>they switched to a new design language called "material design".
to switch back, enter "chrome://flags/" in the address bar, scroll down to "Material Design in the browser's top chrome", change the option from "default" to "non-material" and your back to the old look 🙂

30 thoughts on “Probably a dumb question, but did Chrome’s visuals change in an update recently?”

  1. Like they already answered, it’s material design now. I would like to live in a world where all companies show a window with the new features like Discord do.

  2. So, my buddy’s chrome isnt obeying the “disable display scaling on high-dpi displays.” It didnt start happening until just like an hour ago when he closed and reopened chrome.

    The only way to get chrome to “normal” is to turn his display scaling back down to 100%, however, this makes everything absolutely tiny as hell except for chrome.

    Any one got any ideas? He already did all the “generic” response stuff.

  3. and for some reason, I lost my entire bookmarks tab/favorites?? I did not delete it. It appears that with the update it wiped it?? Anyone know how to restore them?

  4. I visited r/chrome just to check that I am not the only one 🙂

    Design changes usually get negative feedback. However, after some time, people get used.

    I hope I will get used quickly to the new look of Chrome 🙂

  5. Was using chrome and wondering if my kids had messed with the zoom settings. The icons have changed also. They really need to warn us before they do this. I mean change is good but I was fixing to do a malware scan when I saw the differences.

  6. Yes and it’s gross and blocky. My first ‘solution’ was to immediately shut it down and restart windows explorer because I thought it was crashing again.

  7. Is this new: Typing say “” pressing space gives you a “Search Google |” value.

    Same with typing “”, you can search directly what you want to see before loading the actual website.

  8. Geeze!

    Yeah, because making the address bar and all icons super small is the way to go. Seriously? Who makes these idiotic changes?

  9. This update is terrible. Anyone know how to turn off those ugly coloured emojis? It’s really throwing me off and I like the classic black-only ones better.


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