Need help/advice Windows Box for code testing

I'm new to vagrant. I need to create a Windows 10 box to test some code on a regular basis. I'm looking into setting up some automated testing with the box, but I'm running into all kinds of problems and I can't find solutions. Does anyone have any good resources that I can look at for creating and maintaining a development Windows 10 box? Thank you

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  1. Hi,

    First of all – welcome! It’s great to see people using Vagrant to create Windows VMs. Not a lot of people use it for that. I had a fun time trying to get it working a while ago. Continually running into issues seemingly no-one had had before.

    The good news… its fairly straight forward now. Start with these packer templates to create a box file:

    Once the box file is created, creating a Vagrant file and vagrant up’ing a VM based on that is fairly straight forward.

    Those templates linked above handle the Windows gotya’s already.

    Let me know how you go?

    The only other gotya I’ve had lately is I havent had much luck with Vagrant 1.8.5 on Windows. 1.8.1 seems to be more reliable. 1.8.5 seems to work about 25% of the time, then has winrm issues the rest of the time. Might be worth starting with 1.8.1 for now.


  2. I got this working!
    There many problems with windows 2012, in the end i had to make my own slipstreamed iso with all of the updates. This may no longer be necessary, but at the time of my dealing with it, there were to many updates to reliably script a box.
    In any case, i then made a vagrant base box (vanilla), as my golden and use that to add what i need, ie puppet, iis, build server.
    After you get the golden done it will be very straight forward.


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