My first rails app, freshly deployed, and my portfolio. Suggestions?


I've been learning rails and web development with the intent of getting a job. I've messed around with game and app development for a while, done a few small freelance jobs, but never considered myself a 'real coder.' My goal now is to make a portfolio and get hired as a professional developer (I don't have a degree).

This will probably be the main project in my portfolio. It isn't done yet, but it is finished enough to function, I use it to set my weekly goal of 30 hours of working on this project and to track my time and progress.

Here's the link: (Home page isn't made yet, because I only have linux and want to use photoshop to make a nice home page. Just sign up to create an account to get started, you just need email and password no verification).

It may take a while to load as I'm using the free heroku option.

I'd like any suggestions - aside from the obvious incomplete parts, about how to make my flagship portfolio project better. How to make it more appealing to employers, or how to turn it into a genuinely useful app.

And I'd love any feedback on how this project will look to employers searching to young talent to fill junior developer positions. Good enough? I do have other projects to go along with it in my portfolio (heres my portfolio: I plan on updating the design of my portfolio, changing just about all the text, and of course adding the rails app I linked above before showing employers my portfolio.

Sorry this post is kinda all over the place.

What do you think of my rails app? Suggestions? - (Home page isn't done so just sign up real quick(no email verification, just make up an email and password real quick) to see how the app works.

What do you think of my app + portfolio as a whole, in terms of getting an entry level job? Suggestions? -

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