Suggestion: Weekly posts where we can share our personal projects.

I know a lot of people are currently working on personal projects to help them learn Ruby on Rails. Since this community is not super active I think it would be cool to have a weekly stickied post where we can post the project we are working on and ask for advice of feedback. There are three reasons I feel like this would be a good idea.

1. You get advice from others about ways your app could be improved. This could be refactoring tips, styling tips, or even UX help.
2. You get to see what other people your level are working on. This will help give you new ideas to implement in your projects and hopefully expose you to more areas of Rails to learn.
3. You get to share your projects with others. Let's face it we all are itching to show off to others what we have built, and since we are new a lot of time our friends/family might not be too impressed. Since this community understands how difficult it can be to build a working app I think they would go much more appreciated here. This could help create a positive enforcement feedback loop which would be hard to find elsewhere.

What does everyone else think? /u/pjcelis , /u/AlwaysBCoding

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