5 thoughts on “Rails 5.0 has been tagged for release!”

  1. Passenger author here. Phusion is excited about the Rails 5.0 release! Rails is one of the most productive web frameworks out there, and 5.0 just makes it even better.
    We have release various Passenger updates to ensure that Passenger plays well with Rails 5, Action Cable etc:



    However we found a bug in Action Cable yesterday which may cause issues with app servers such as Passenger and Puma. Unfortunately the fix didn’t make it into 1.0. I recommend anybody who uses Action Cable to apply our patch locally for now: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/25615

  2. I’m new-ish to rails so I wasn’t there for the 3 -> 4 release and don’t have experience with this. How much effort is it to upgrade a pretty small app (think slightly more complex than the rails tutorial.) What are the odds that mongoid works with rails 5 already?


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