Which course should I buy to learn RoR from these two courses?

i'm on a tight budged so I have amount of money to buy only one course
so which one Should I buy?
1-the complete ruby on rails developer (udemy)

2-job ready web developer

the two courses have similar content and same rating
I just finished lynda RoR essential training ..

3 thoughts on “Which course should I buy to learn RoR from these two courses?”

  1. Do you need either of those? Are they teaching something specific you’re wanting to learn?

    I’m a fan of http://railscomposer.com. On the surface it’s a template engine that makes it easy to start a project with a variety of tools included but there’s also tutorials and a wealth of information on how to use those tools.

    Another good resource is http://www.theodinproject.com/ruby-on-rails Working through that will teach you a lot and it’s free.

    Since you mentioned you’re on a limited budget I would try to utilize the resources that are available for free before pursuing any paid courses and only look at those once I had a solid foundation and was wanting to quickly learn specific tools or techniques.

  2. You can just use Michael Hartl’s tutorial – it shows you how to build a twitter clone and deploy to Heroku. Available for free on his website.

  3. Keep away from the udemy course your have posted, its almost word for word taken from Michael Hartls book available online for free. Even if your a visual learner, hartl has online screen casts that are much better quality.


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