I made a CakePHP plugin for SparkPost. Check it out!

Hi everyone. I'm sure many of you were suprised and dismayed when [MailChimp decided to start charging](http://blog.mailchimp.com/important-changes-to-mandrill/) for its previously-free Mandrill transactional email platform. I, like many others, was using Mandrill to send account activation and password reset emails, and nothing more. I wasn't willing to pay $20/mo for that!

The PHP community went looking for a solution, and the two primary contenders were [SparkPost](http://sparkpost.com) and [SendGrid](http://sendgrid.com). Personally, I liked SparkPost better because it had a better API. However, I soon realized that there was no Cake plugin for it, so I made one! Here it is:

[CakePHP SparkPost Plugin](https://github.com/syntaxera/cakephp-sparkpost-plugin)

The plugin is implemented as a transport layer (thanks to @dereuromark on Github for that suggestion) so you can use it from any layer of the framework: controller, model, even the CLI. The plugin is a tad bare-bones at the moment, but I'm working hard to add more features, write unit tests, and make it as awesome as it can be.

I hope /r/cakephp enjoys this. I'm an avid reader. I do want to state, however, that I am not in any way employed by or beholden to SparkPost. I developed this plugin because I love CakePHP and I saw a need for it. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me, on here or @robojamison on GitHub.

2 thoughts on “I made a CakePHP plugin for SparkPost. Check it out!”

  1. I’m using this in two projects currently. Took me about 5 minutes from composer install to having everything I needed integrated with my applications.

    Great work on this.


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