Simple Question. Is Vagrant possible on Windows 10.

I typically don't have to use it, except now where I will start having to use it often...

I have never gotten it to work under 10. 7? Yes. But not 10.

It boots, and can't get pass the SSH login. Just retries until it quits. I'm sure this is a VBOX issue, but all the same, does it even work under Windows 10?

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  1. Yes, I use Vagrant and VirtualBox on Windows 10 occasionally, and I know others who use Windows 10 exclusively.

    Try enabling the VirtualBox GUI in the Vagrantfile and log in through the console (usually with username `vagrant` password `vagrant`) and troubleshooting from there.

  2. My team leader uses that. He’s the only one on the group who uses Windows despite its shortcomings as a dev environment. But then again, that’s why he has to use vagrant in the first place…

  3. This might not be a problem with windows 10. Check you BIOS settings to see if virtualization is enabled. What you’re seeing is exactly what happened to me until I switched it on.

  4. I’ve been using and testing Drupal VM on Windows 10; as long as you’re on Vagrant 1.8+ and VirtualBox 5.0.14+, things should work. Try also installing the vagrant-vbguest plugin too; if the Vagrant box you’re using is way out of date (I update mine every few weeks, but many go months between updates), that can cause issues.

    Finally, consider using Cmder or Cygwin instead of Powershell for the command line environment. They tend to work better with vagrant commands and SSH.

  5. Installed and tested (OK) vagrat (latest) on windows 10 (x64) today.

    First install could not add box’es but when I reinstalled to C:\vagrant and removed (partial) write protection on .vagrant folder (in users folder) it works as it should. Using bash from git installation (also latest version) to get ssh working. I already had virtual box installed with all virtualization options in “bios” turned on.

    I am on a cellphone now and suck at remembering things, but let me know of you want anything better explained and I’ll tidy up this comment later.

    *edit: auto correct typos*


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