Vagrant SSH and Powershell

Pretty new to vagrant. Running Vagrant to spin up hyper-v linux machines and I want to be able to use 'Vagrant SSH', but I keep getting the error that a ssh executable is not in the %PATH% variable. I have git installed, and checked Path variable and c:\users\name\appdata\local\programs\git\cmd is in there.
Its not a deal breaker, I can use putty but it sure would be nice to just use 'vagrant ssh'

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  1. Cygwin is your friend. I run all my vagrant stuff from a cygwin shell on windows. The vagrant shared folder is much happier with a posix rsync that you can install in cygwin.

  2. Is the SSH exe at that location? Not at my machine just now but I think it’s under C:/Program Files/git/bin/ on there.

    Will double check in the morning and report back.

    Have you tried to vagrant ssh from a cmd prompt instead of power shell?

  3. serious question – why use vagrant ssh when you can use putty?
    can’t even copy and paste in vagrant with windows command shell/powershell.


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