I’m Teaching Web Development Live 1-Hr Everyday – Anyone here interested?

Hello my name is Andrew, one of the developers behind [nooma.tv](https://www.nooma.tv) where anyone can come learn from others via live videostream chatrooms.

If you are interested in learning programming go to my channel [andrew](https://www.nooma.tv/classrooms/1) and click Fan to receive email notifications when I go live. Every session, I will go over a topic and we will have a discussion afterwards. No programming experience necessary.

Some topics that will be covered (may change depending on who signs up and what the class wants):

* HTML/CSS/JavaScript
* Ajax
* APIs
* RESTful Routes
* Database Design
* Ruby/Sinatra/Rails
* iOS with Swift

The scheduled sessions will be M-F at 7pm PST starting on February 1st and ending on February 12.

I was an instructor at a bootcamp last year and now I spend most of my time working on nooma.tv. I have experience teaching HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Java, SQL, and Swift. I understand the loneliness of trying to teach yourself programming. I believe I can provide a lot of value for beginners just starting out.

2 thoughts on “I’m Teaching Web Development Live 1-Hr Everyday – Anyone here interested?”

  1. hm this could be pretty interesting. been thinking about going to a coding bootcamp lately but maybe this could help too. definitely beats doing this all by myself.

    i js signed up and got it on my calendar now. looking fwd


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