Trying to get Microsoft to improve their Vagrant VMS

For a project I worked on recently I put together a Vagrant VM for a development environment and it's worked really well. I'd like to do the same for my test environments, and Microsoft even provides pre built Vagrant boxes, but they're unmaintained since launch! They're running old versions of VirtualBox Guest Tools, unpatched versions of IE and I can't even try to fix these issues automatically- as the VMs aren't configured for WinRM- the only supported mechanism for provisioning Windows boxes! Edge is reportedly out of date too now.

Ultimately, I'd love to create a small vagrant script I can use to setup IE and edge tests from quickly, with the latest versions of Java, Selenium, IEDriver and the rest. Add in an IDE, and the bar for writing automated tests has just dropped too.

Anyway, if this if you think this might be halfway useful for yourself too, maybe you'd consider voting on Microsoft's User Voice [here](

3 thoughts on “Trying to get Microsoft to improve their Vagrant VMS”

  1. The Microsoft images are awful. I recommend building one from a box cutter template using packer. As a bonus, its easy to add customizations with this approach.

    The process is as simple as installing packer, virtual box, make, and running one command.

  2. Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll check out building my own boxes! I still hope Microsoft might spot my request, they seem kind of useless otherwise.


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