Give the gift of ‘Learn Ruby on Rails’ for free

I posted this to [r/ruby]( but in case you missed it, my book [Learn Ruby on Rails]( is available on Amazon for free from now until December 25.

It's been called, "The best Rails book for beginners," and it's gotten mostly 5 star reviews. You can give the book as a gift for someone who wants to learn Rails. Or get it for yourself:

[Learn Ruby on Rails FREE on Amazon](

9 thoughts on “Give the gift of ‘Learn Ruby on Rails’ for free”

  1. People have asked me what else I’ve written. There’s the [Capstone Rails Tutorials]( which are intermediate level tutorials that go beyond the [Learn Ruby on Rails]( book. If you’re interested, you can get the dozen tutorials at a 20% discount. Go to []( and enter the promotion code 2015RD20. The discount code for the Capstone Rails Tutorials expires Dec 31st.

  2. how to use the :invitation code 2015RD20

    is that different from
    Promotion code (use “tutorials” if you don’t have one)
    from signup page

  3. Thanks a lot for doing this. I am not an amazon user but I recently started learning ROR like a couple of days ago.

    its forcing me to read it on kindle store or something. Is it not possible to download it locally so that I can read it as and when I have some time?


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