Updates coming to /r/learnrubyonrails!

Hey everyone. I reached out to /u/rub_n recently to see about helping out in this subreddit.

I've had some time today so I've made a few updates to the sidebar.

I'm also planning on starting a wiki with information on IDE's, text editors, and setting up your editor for RoR development.

Eventually I'd like to also update the CSS for the subreddit.

Are there any suggestions on what to add? I'm not a css person but I can definitely learn, but does anyone have suggestions pertaining to CSS? Aren't there css packages for subreddits?

Thanks and I'm looking forward to helping build out this community!

2 thoughts on “Updates coming to /r/learnrubyonrails!”

  1. FYI, I updated the wiki a while back with info on how to set up a Windows machine for development. You may want to review that, or add info for Mac/Linux.


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