HashiCorp released VMWare plugin for Vagrant

Today HashiCorp released VMWare plugin for Vagrant. It's a paid update. People, how do you think, if company don't provide a good support to users, is it a good company? And if someone from community provide such support, is him a good developer? I believe, yes. My name is Mikhail Emelchenkov , I am an independent IT consultant and security expert. Month ago I helped all HashiCorp users to fix their (and mine) problem: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/5946#issuecomment-124824660. It was a workaround for a feature that does not works at all in VMware Vagrant Plugin, and HashCorp in private mailing told me they will not fix it. Not cool, yeah, when you paid $80 for the product and get no support for built-in feature? They even don't say me "Thanks" when I fixed it, only their users said me that.

Today they released the updated plugin because the new VMware version is out. I asked them, maybe I can get a free upgrade because I really helped them to make product compatible with future VMWare version and helped a lot of their customers. Seth Vargo replied me: "We will not be granting you a free upgrade because you violated our EULA and VMware EULA by modifying the binary without written permission." Instead of hearing "thank you for doing our job" I become a crime in their eyes. Reddit users, please send Seth a letter that it is not cool to reply their registered users in a such words, especially when their users from other countries and do not break any laws. Also, I hardly believe VMware team have any claim to me for the promotion of their product and I do not understand why HashiCorp speaks from VMware name.

I asked Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp founder: "What's wrong with Seth"? What I heard — "Nothing wrong, publish it on Reddit". OK, as you wish, Mitch.

To all: helping HashiCorp with their products for free you are risk to fall under the criminal prosecution, especially if you live in USA. Good deeds punished.

This does not negate that Vagrant and its plugins are great products but just please be accurate with them, this company is not loyal to their customers and OpenSource community.

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