Do I need to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript if I’m using Rails?

I'm trying to create a basic website. It will do an API call to a public API, and then display some of the retrieved information from that public API onto my website.

I am learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails. For what I'm trying to do, will I need to code anything in HTML/CSS/javascript?


3 thoughts on “Do I need to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript if I’m using Rails?”

  1. You could probably skip the javascript and run through the HTML / CSS courses on Treehouse and learn enough to get you by.

  2. Yeah you would have to best resource is W3schools they have an extensive library about all kinds of javascript functions and tutorials to learn lol not trying to spam for them but it’s pretty great when doing web dev

  3. How do I integrate Ruby on Rails with HTML/CSS ?

    And what’s the point of learning Rails (as opposed to just Ruby) for the purposes of the project I want to do, if I’m going to have to use some HTML / CSS as well ?


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