Good tutorials for complex UI to data things.

I am building a Rails App in rails 4. I am a decent developer, and dabbled in older rails versions. It is time to do something real and I am going to be building a Rails 4 app with rails bootstrap and devise. The thing I cannot wrap my brain around is how to do complex UI for models that are joins. An example is:

I have a model that is called Group (a name of people taxid etc).

Each group can have a location (this is the join table) that joins the group to an address. So there is another table addresses that hold the state, city, zip code, addressline1 etc etc.

My question do I code this on the UI side in rails. Mostly because a rails MVC examples deal with discreate pieces of information, though in my app an address could be entered previously and then selected for a new group. Or a new group could also mean a new address and all be entered on the fly. Not sure how to get started dealing with that. In my head I woould like you to enter a group then a pop up shows up and asks for you to select an address or enter a new one... Then if you enter a new one another popup or page comes up where you can enter the address (and here is the kicker) the app knows yes it needs to go into the addresses table but also should be an address for that group that you were working on in previous pages. Sorry a meandering question for the real meat at the end...

Are there any tutorials that show how to code UI and have the controllers deal with such kinds of data? I would love links to anything like that, I am not sure w hat this is called so no idea what i'd google.

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