Let’s talk gaming [servers].

Hey everyone -- first time poster here but I've been steadily making my way using vagrant at work. After seeing how how well it works for our development workflow I started thinking of other possibilities.

I regularly help run a LAN party group, 10-15 guys getting together to play games like doom, unreal tournament, quake, counter strike etc. One of the biggest pains we have is getting servers up and running for these games, no one has the knowledge or expertise on how to set them up or how to configure them. This got me really thinking, why not create vagrant environments for each game? Want a Counter Strike Global Offensive box up and running? Bam.


I've only found two so far, but I intend to start making my own for various games like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. If any of you guys have any tips or recommendations please let me know, I'd love to collaborate with someone on the project.

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