Trouble Running the Rails Server


I just began the Odin Project and am already having trouble during the installation lesson. I followed Moncef Belyamani's blog and script in order to install Ruby on my Yosemite OS on my mac, and at first, everything worked fine. I punched it all in, checked to make sure that the localhost loaded, and went to bed.

When I came back to it tonight, and attempted to run rails (using the same steps that were suggested on the "create a rails app" page via Odin Project, my computer would not let me get into the rails server. Instead of the nice and pleseant text that is supposed to show when "rails s" is typed, I instead get a long scroll of text with the top stating there a segmentation fault present.

Any help would be amazing, as this has definately stalled my progress on Odin.

Thanks in advance!

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