Rails study group first site

Around two months ago a small rails study group was formed based on [this post](http://www.reddit.com/r/LearnRubyonRails/comments/2q0akm/rails_study_group/) right here in this subreddit! Today we finally feel like we have something worth showing off after all our hard coding work... so without further ado.

Come check out: http://redditgraphed.com/

You can also visit [the github page](https://github.com/RailsStudyGroup/redditgraphed) if you want to check the code behind it.

Want to join our study group? We usually [hang out on slack](https://learnrails.slack.com) and there's someone around most times to answer any railsy related questions, thanks!

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  1. Nice! I would link to the github repo on the site and link to your two github accounts at the bottom instead of twitter accounts, just some quick feedback.


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