Small VagrantGui for Windows

Because I was annoyed by using the Windows Shell Options for Vagrant (navigating and executing) I wrote a small little Tool while sitting in the Train. 🙂

After I used it for about a Month myself now, I decided to put it on GitHub, maybe it is Usefull for anyone.


* Executing Vagrant Commands: "up", "halt", "suspend", "reload", "destroy"
* Default Dir is current Dir but a Folder can also be selected
* Fetching the Output Streams + Error Streams
* Destroy Security Confirmation Dialog

Why only Windows:
I Asked some of my collegues and most of the Unix Users have no Problem using their Shell. However on Windows, in my opinion, it is a Pain to use the cmd.exe, powershell and or cygwin.

The Code may not be Perfect, but as far as I have used it, it works Stable. Maybe tell me, what you think. I would like to Learn best practices. 🙂


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