Anyone had success or recommend RUBY ON RAILS TUTORIAL by Michael Hartl?

As the title suggest, I want to know if this book (which can be found [here]( has given anyone success, or if they can simply recommend it for it's quality. I'm more or less a beginner at Ruby, but I aim for becoming a master of both languages. I could use this book for my three-four month programming project at school, which should more or less be suitable for the number of pages.

Also, if you have other suggestions, I'd be glad to here them! I have seen a number of other books and resources, but I have to use something free and easily accessible. I'm afraid video lessons just isn't my thing, because of their length.

2 thoughts on “Anyone had success or recommend RUBY ON RAILS TUTORIAL by Michael Hartl?”

  1. This book is really good. probably the best ruby on rails resource out there. Do the whole thing back to back and you won’t be disappointed. Just follow along first. Once you finish you might want to revisit older chapters so you can see the earlier concepts with better understanding.

    This book also offers an introduction to testing and source control which are a must in real world environments.

    Spend an hour or 2 every day on the book. You will probably finish in 2 months. After that you can try to do your own small app.

  2. I started learning Ruby on Rails about three years without much programming experience. This book was (and continues to be) the best tutorial and resource I found. I still go back to it every once in awhile to brush up on the material it covers. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s getting started with Rails.


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