Got annoyed by all fedora Youtube comments so I made an extension to remove them.


It's pretty simple. Checks if a commenter matches against a list of blacklisted IDs and removes the comment if it does.

If you feel like it, maybe you can update the blacklist or otherwise improve the extension:



Updated the list with more fedoras. Have to come up with a way to do this more easily. There's so many of them.

**UPDATE 2:**

Made Firefox version too

**UPDATE 3:**

Published a new version. The plugin now consumes less CPU. Actually it consumes no CPU after the comments are removed and no new comments loaded.

Chrome might ask you to accept additional permissions because I tweaked that also (basically you are allowing the plugin to modify comments section and read the blacklist from github).

**UPDATE 4:**
You know what might piss them off? If you replied to their comment saying something like *Congratulations, you've been added to Hide Fedora browser extension blacklist.*

**UPDATE 5:**

Added an options page where you can choose fedora comment removal method.

If you're impatient you can manually [update your chrome extensions]( to get the latest version. You will be asked to accept additional permissions to allow saving settings.

**UPDATE 6:**

Major update. Fedora list is now fetched from an outside source.

You can now report reddit armie from the comments. Or you can hide the button from the options page.

**UPDATE 7:**

It seems that the extension stops working if you log out of Chrome. Will try to fix this. In the meantime you can try logging back in.

**UPDATE 8:**

Some users are reporting that the Chrome extension is not working even if they are logged in. [You can try resetting Chrome settings](

**UPDATE 9:**

YouTube changed comments HTML structure which caused the extension to stop working. Updated Chrome extension (new version is 1.7.3).

Chrome extension will ask you to accept new permissions (read and change your data on and This is because YouTube comments are no longer inside an iframe. You can see all changes [here]( and discussion [here](

**UPDATE 10:**

Updated Opera and Firefox extension to work with "new" YouTube.

65 thoughts on “Got annoyed by all fedora Youtube comments so I made an extension to remove them.”

  1. Or do what I did, and hide the comments section altogether.

    Just add this as a custom rule in AdBlock Plus:


  2. Regarding your update. Could you automatically scan the comments sections of videos that are currently popular on Reddit and then look for the most prolific comment posters on those videos?

  3. Oh wow, I had this exact idea but never got round to doing it.

    My only suggestion would be to also search the comment for retarded terms like “le reddit” “moderator of x” and so on.

    Thanks for actually taking the time to do this.

    Edit: Noticed that people have already suggested that, Will help submit profiles when i can 🙂

  4. The best way to keep this up to date is to just bear down and become a service, but you can have the “submission” process crowd-sourced.

    I’d have the extension place a simple button next to all usernames that will allow users to submit them for blacklisting. The info sent to the cloud would be at least the username, but maybe also the video URL and/or actual comment text. Then you can determine which ones to add to the permanent blacklist, which gets updated and accessed by the extension.

    EDIT: misspelled crowd-sourced

    Also, since I’m in here again, I’d also give it a local blacklist. This way, when they click on the icon, it’ll blacklist locally and hide the comment, and that will stick around even when they refresh the page. The extension should be able to handle a local and cloud blacklist, and also manage duplicates properly. There are probably a couple scenarios where people think UserFedora12345 should be cloud-blacklisted, but for some reason you deemed them safe. For customer satisfaction, the local blacklist will keep them happy while the server side blacklist can be more forgiving.

  5. Great idea, instantly installed it lol. What a time we live in.

    There are really many of them though, even with this many go through. We need to combine our efforts somehow and create a massive banlist like adblock has for ads.

  6. This thread has been linked to from elsewhere on reddit.

    – [/r/bestof] [Redditor makes Youtube comments bearable again with extension that hides comments from well-known le reddit armie users](

    *^If ^you ^follow ^any ^of ^the ^above ^links, ^respect ^the ^rules ^of ^reddit ^and ^don’t ^vote ^or ^comment. ^Questions? ^Abuse? [^Message ^me ^here.](*

  7. Best case scenario is that the fuckers decide that it’s not worth the effort to keep making new accounts and give up. This cold destroy that whole community, which would be nothing but good.

  8. I’ve been submitting IDs to you and it’s very satisfying seeing the stupid fedora comments slowly dissappear from existence.

  9. I fucking love you man. Those guys are just a complete annoyance. They’ve beaten that joke so far into the ground it’s gone though the 9 hells of Dante’s inferno.

  10. Hey this is a fantastic idea. These posts really ruin any decent comments. I sincerely appreciate your work. I may switch to chrome or use firefox for browsing reddit, but I do truly love the opera browser. I know nothing about coding, but I have read its based on chromium? Is it something that would be easy to adapt?

    Thanks again, for now ill use it on firefox

  11. This is brilliant, I sometimes look in the comments of youtube videos for further entertainment, but the recent explosion of fedora comments just became absolutely dreadful to read, due to them mostly being copy paste nonsense.

  12. Is it ok to report other trolls? Or is it just for fedora ones? Youtube comment section is unbearable…

    Also, is there a way to to easily check blacklisted?

    Finally, chrome says extension comes from untrusted source. Had to make an exception and to enable it. Hope will not regret it.

    Edit: and lol, i can report myself 😀

  13. Thank you for you work and mainly thank you for FF version. Just started it using.
    Quick question: Does that “Report fedora user” button works?

  14. Darn. I’m on IE because chrome doesn’t play well on Hi DPI displays and consumes too much power and takes so much resources.

  15. I would like to ask when the public banlist will be released in the update to the webpage.

    And I also have questions as to what it will feature,

    >Does it contain the a structure format similar to the page used to accept and denied ban applications? (The one featured on Justin Visser’s blog
    Which by the way is an amazing piece of article covering Hide Fedora

    To be specific will it contain the comments, a link to the users profile, and a link to the video and if possible the date they were banned? I believe such is a important feature for removing or reviewing the blacklist that censors youtube comments for 33,516 users, as its crucial for removing any false positives that have been admittedly said by /u/fogest2 to exist.

    For my second question
    >Can the feature be added for users to input their google+ id in the settings page so they can be made aware of if they are banned by the same extension they choose to use?

    Currently there are users who are both supporting hide fedora by using it and reporting my fellow “fedoras” who are also banned by the same list. It makes no sense ethically to betray any part of your legitimate user base in such a fashion.

    I hope you chose not to ignore this and give me the same respect as I provided to your developer(s) back at my discussion thread.

  16. every time i try to download the app, it says “An error has occurred… Network_failed”. not sure if this has something to do with my end or it’s just the app at the moment.

  17. Oh boy, this is amazing. Thank you for this amazing add-on. Especially this “replace with cats” option is hilarious.

  18. Can you make a version of this which hides users that have nothing to do with Le Reddit Armie, but are nonetheless annoying?

    – For example, I don’t want to see any of the incessantly whiny shit related to MRA, feminism, anti-feminism. So is there a way of checking if these keywords appear, and then filtering that comment out?

    – Private list of blocked users? The Youtube method of blocking is irritating – you have to go to their profile and click a bunch of buttons. One click from the Youtube page would be better.

  19. I’ve noticed other youtuber’s comments are blocked that have nothing to do with the fedora comments. One example is a user “Victoria Flamel.” Her comments are blocked when they’ve got nothing to do with the “le tip my hat” / “moderator of le reddit” comment brigade.

  20. Hi,

    Could you please explain why your Firefox addon adds your website’s cookies into my browser whenever I visit YouTube ? Is this really necessary ?


  21. “You can now report reddit armie from the comments. Or you can hide the button from the options page.”

    Which button? The report button?

  22. Hi,I used your extension for a while now, and it worked for a week or so, wonderfully.

    Then it stopped blocking those comments, and stopped giving me the option to block them.

    *Logging out then back in does not fix the issue.*

    The github page is another step to report an issue that has already been reported and not fixed.

    Why doesn’t’ it work anymore? It was so damn good.

  23. Just wanted to report that the extension stopped working for me as well a couple days ago. On Windows 7 64-bit, using Chrome. I did reset my Chrome settings as suggested on your website, no luck, still not working. I am always signed into Chrome as well.

  24. The funny thing is that the youtube comment section think that /r/redditarmie is the entirety of reddit…when its just a tiny fraction.

    Reddit…to be honest in some places is MUCH more mature than the average youtube comment section.

  25. As of yesterday, your app is demanding read/write access on an additional site, . Why?

    I mean I saw the explanation but I didn’t really understand it.

  26. Hi OP. Love your app and have been using it since the start. Chrome just informed me that the extension “Hide Fedora” requires new permissions: It can now: Read and change your data on and

    I’m fine with its changing data on your site but I’m wary about it changing my data on What does that mean exactly?


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