How do I start this?

Here's a total noob question, so please brace yourself?

If found this open source application, , which I'd like to take a look at to learn more about Rails. However, I do not know how to actually boot it. Any suggestions? I've installed railsinstaller for ruby 1.9 already.

PS: Rails and Ruby on Rails are the same thing right? Just so I'm not tricking myself...

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  1. Hi, first of all you are correct in that rails and ruby on rails are the same thing. We are just lazy and shorten the name 😛

    Also without looking at the application in great detail it should be a case of installing ruby, installing the bundler gem, then installing the rest of the dependencies with **bundle install**. After that you should be able to run **rails server** to start the application. You could then access it from http://localhost:3000 on a Web browser. This is all assuming you are using a Unix based system I have no idea how to do this in Windows as I don’t develop on Windows.


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