5 thoughts on “Dear Chrome devs, please add the ability for me to mute a tab that is currently playing by clicking the speaker icon on that tab.”

  1. While we’re at it, allow me to change the volume of my Hangouts separately from Chrome. Or locally mute everyone in the call (that is, only mute sound on myvside, allow them to continue chatting, and allow me to unmute them on my side without them needing to do so).

  2. AFAIK the official word from Google regarding this subject was that they’re not going to do it.

    The reason is that they don’t want to dictate these kinds of things, because it would change the intended experience for the creators of the websites.

    Instead, Google wants annoying websites to learn “the hard way”. Meaning: if people think a website is annoying, they will stop going to those websites, and therefore their traffic will sink. This will give an incentive to website creators to adapt their behavior regarding the design of their website

  3. This is never going to happen. Google have already replied to it. It’s not up to the browser to mute the music, it’s up to the website. If Chrome started doing this then every website would be given free reign to add music when you go to their website, annoying the hell out of everyone.

    They can show you which tab is being muted but they don’t want to put the power with the browser because it makes the website owner less responsible for having a shit website. “Oh Firefox is shit you can’t mute tabs”. Well it’s not Firefox’s fault, it’s the shit websites that autoplay music.

    Whatever they add in the future in response to this will have to be in a way that still puts the blame on the website owner.


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