[Help] Chrome disabled Youtube Center

Hello. I installed youtube center a while ago to disable dash playback and now chrome autodisabled the extension and I can't renable it. Isn there any way I can reenable it? Thanks!

Edit: Somewhat obligatory: Ican't believe this made it to the top of the subreddit! Nice to see I'm not alone in this issue

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  1. Same here. This and a few other extensions just say “This extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store and may have been added without your knowledge”

  2. They claim to be disabling 3rd party extensions to prevent malicious extensions from affecting casual users. But it’s complete *bullshit* to give no option to re-enable these extensions.

  3. Download Tampermonkey and install the user script version (make sure to get the developer version). It apparently has more features than the extension and won’t be blocked/removed by Chrome!

  4. First they make the address bar suggestion list obnoxious as fuck, then they go full retard on the new tab page, and now they disable our extensions.

    Time to switch.

  5. This… Fuck you Google, sure, give me a warning that installing non-appstore extensions could pose a threat, that’s fine.

    But don’t dictate to me how I use my internet browser – switching to Firefox until this change is lifted.

  6. Stupid question: is there any reason why the developers cannot put the extension on the chrome webstore making it legit?

  7. Here is a workaround.

    Unzip the crx extension.
    Tick “Developer Mode” here [chrome://extensions/]
    Hit “Load Unpacked Extension”
    Browse the Unzipped crx location and select it.

  8. You can install the extension made for the new Opera version (now a Chromium-derivative, as Chrome, just a bit more different) on Google Chrome.

    It will possibly reject the install initially, but will download it anyway, or at least you can ask to do it. Then you can drag the download, on the “download tab” at the bottom, to the extension management tab. That should bring a pop-up offering to install it anyway. If that doesn’t work, perhaps starting the browser with the flag ” –enable-easy-off-store-extension-install”. But that may be obsolete and unnecessary, or just null.

  9. i used to have this problem.
    i think the problem lays in your other extensions, atleast in my case. i took away all my other extensions and then it started to work again. so i think one of your other extensions did it


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