Learn You Anything session

I love the rails community. I have learned so much over the last years that I feel I need to pay back some of it.

So I am proposing a ~2-3 hour session where you ask me anything you want (technical problems, help on a project, general advice). The best would be if you are starting in rails and have a project in progress, so we can hack on it together.

I suggest that you say your level of experience with rails, what it is that you want to learn or what you are working on. And I will pick one person among the top-voted.

For the session, I'll be available
- tomorrow (sat may 24) between 5pm-9pm utc
- or saturday may 25 between 3pm-7pm utc

*About me:* I have a Master's degree in Computer Science (private IT school Epitech in France), and I have been working for 1 year as a software developer. We do analytics for mobile applications, we use: rails, rspec, angularjs, postgres/mongodb, redis, heroku.
My stackoverflow profile: http://stackoverflow.com/users/311744/pinouchon

*Technical details:* I can speak french or english. I am living in Paris, so if you are in Paris yourself, we could arrange a session in-person, else we can do screen sharing with skype.

1 thought on “Learn You Anything session”

  1. I’m a beginner. I am going to start by building an app that can import users from an uploaded spreadsheet. This app is for schools. I’d be uploading teachers/staff and also students.

    I would like it to store data submitted from web forms and display curated data in a dashboard (HTML and CSS for now and maybe ajax later)

    Phase two I’d like to make it multi tenant.

    I’d eventually like to import data from uploaded spreadsheets and Google Sheets API. Also displaying on the dashboard.

    A mentor to help me get passed the bumps in the road would be awesome. It would also be nice knowing that if I’m solving something the “wrong way” or hard way someone would be able to catch it early in the process.


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