Seeking Ruby on Rails Tutor

I'm interested in being tutored by someone experienced in Ruby on Rails.

I have been teaching myself Ruby on Rails for a few months now, but still find myself struggling with basic concepts. This might seem counter intuitive, but I feel like I'm just on the cusp of really grasping Rails very firmly, but need a little help getting past these areas that keep tripping me up.

I'm hoping someone has a few hours weekly or bi-weekly to tutor using shared screen and video chat services.

If anyone in the Harrisburg, PA area is interested in meeting in person, I'd also be interested being tutored in person.

My long-term goal is to make developing my career. I've already committed a great deal of time and money to this pursuit, but have not reached a level that makes me hirable at an entry level, which is one of my short term goals.

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