New to Vagrant. Would like to try it out

I work on a Java team where a lot of the older developers don't want to have a local websever installed. My goal is to setup a vagrant box with jboss installed for everyone on the team to quickly run a local application. Are there any Java environment specific resources out there to get this going ASAP? Thanks!

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  1. [Using Packer to Create Vagrant Boxes](

    * Get that bad boy up and running.
    * Then, write a simple shell script to install JBoss, etc. and add it to the “scripts” part of the json file. (Or, use a real provisioner like Chef or Puppet). At the end, you’ll have a .box file you can post on a server.
    * Finally, distribute a Vagrantfile with a [config.vm.box_url]( that points to this box.


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