4 months learning…here is what I know

Paid tutorials are not worth your money. Use the freely available resources. Hartle, stackoverflow, irc, google.
The biggest pain in my ass was the environment. Use nitrous.io - create a Ruby on Rails box, and program from any Computer. Add friends too!
Rspec test suck, but it pays off. Test driven development is not yolo driven development. No ydd, it's tdd.
Learn git, use git, it will save you.
Heroku seemed like a pain, production :assets do gem 'pg' end will allow you to use heroku w/ Postgres.
Don't rush through tutorials. Don't jump ahead, either. I did one month rails, and it all in 3 days. I had no idea what I was doing. Writing my own blog using the tut on rubyonrails.org made me realize what strong params are. @user = User.find(params[:id]) is the most powerful thing I know on the controller side. I understood omr only after I did that tut.
Who am I kidding, I still don't know what I'm doing on omr. Hartl taught me much more.
Look at people's source code. Git clone until you fill up your HD. Edit, delete, remove, add gems, blow it up. Try and fix repeat. Than just got clone some more.
The nasty errors are usually you not putting and end somewhere, read the top of server logs.
Keep going, keep going, keep going. I'm no where close to where I want to be, but much further than I thought I could be.

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  1. Test test test and test some more. Anyone have projects that need tests written? I need practice. I’m probably 7 months in and I’ve been yolo-coding. I’m not fond of this.


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