2 thoughts on “[STUDY GROUP] Follow-up”

  1. I actually started working on the tutorial about the same time you started the group, but didn’t even stumble across this subreddit until the middle of October. I didn’t really follow your weekly “homework” to a tee but kind of used it as a measure of my own progress and actually just finished it Sunday night. I think I was spending about 15-20 hours a week since I started and was barely able to keep up with you.

    I feel like once you hit chapter 7 is when it starts to get tough. Towards the end I felt like I was rushing through, but it was partially because I wanted to get going on my own project, and I was still spending about a week on each chapter after 8.

  2. I got about halfway through following the weekly tutorials before starting on my own RoR application and just referencing the book from time to time after that. Once I started my application I didn’t see a need to actually finish the books application.


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