Keeping it slow this week! So this week we're doing just one chapter!

1. Do chapter 10. Type all the code along with the examples and test it out. Play around with it to see if you can get different outcomes.
2. Do all the exercises. We're here to help each other so if you have questions, be sure to ask in the thread. If you can help someone out, please do!
3. Make a least one comment in this thread about something you learned, found interesting, or didn't understand very well.

There is an IRC chat at [#learnrubyonrails](http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=learnrubyonrails) on Freenode.

2 thoughts on “[STUDY GROUP] Week 5”

  1. I’m finding the exercises to be getting pretty difficult now. I have a web app I want to start working on so I’m going to opt to skip the exercises, do chap 10 and 11, then if I get stuck on my web app I’ll come back for a refresher.


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