Any interest in a study group?

I'm thinking about starting a study group to go through Michael Hartl's book

Is there any interest in that? Or going through a different tutorial?

**EDITED TO ADD:** There is interest! All further communication for the study group will take place in this sub. We're starting Monday!

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  1. Sounds great OP! As someone who was following along with the original /r/learnjavascript study group I think it’d be a good idea to get a link setup in the sidebar as early as possible. /u/d0gsbody also did a great job of providing supplemental resources and assignments for different experience levels. I work with Rails on a daily basis but have never actually gone through the ROR Tutorial Book though I’ve meant to for some time. You should definitely contact /u/mhartl to see if he’d be interested in participating.

  2. One idea I’ll toss in here.. I started the this week, currently on Chapter 3. I did chris pines Ruby site first.

    If you broke up each Chapter into its own separate post, then once I hit say, Chapter 5, I could read there, see what other people needed more info on and discussions revolving around that chapter. Then a next thread for Chapter 6.

    Would enable us to go at our own pace (a chapter a week would be so slow, since they can take about 3 hrs each), but you’ll see familiar faces posting in different chapters with whoever you’re matching your pace with.

  3. I’m interested as well. I’ve been trying to make it through Mr Hartl’s book since the first edition. I keep making it to chapter 4 or 5 then something else comes up and by the time I make my way back to it, it’s been updated for a new Rails release and I want to start from scratch to make sure I don’t miss anything. I believe a study group would help keep me focused. Looking forward to more details!

  4. Does this mean one thread / one chapter a week? I have a lot of time to dedicate to this and would prefer to do it quickly, though I do realize I may be an outlier.


    But seriously this is a great idea. Working through Hartl’s book as well, and would love to talk it out. See you guys there!


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