[show] My first ROR site – humble beginnings

I spent a bit of time working through tutorials (Hartl, Codeacademy) and in the end managed to spew out a [semi-functional site](http://wishlinks.binary-organism.com/). Its not great, but figured it might be of use to someone,somewhere for learning. It uses twitter-bootstrap and some basic jQuery.

The premise was a bit selfish - I mainly use it to store links to cool items I come across. I ended up wrapping it up in a wish list type site in-case anyone else wanted to use it. There were a few functions I was going to include but haven't gotten around to and moved on to trying something new.

The [code](https://github.com/SinFulNard/potenial_present) is on GitHub if you want to take a look and I'm happy to answer any questions (but really, StackOverflow is your friend).

Would be interested to see other sites people have produced dropped in this sub.

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  1. Did you know any ruby before using Hartl’s book, or code academy? How long did it take you to accomplish this site? I like how other than signing up, or sign in the app is all on one page. I am trying to make static web apps with Rails but lack jQuery. Any suggestions, also do you have a link to github?


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