CakePHP Login Issues

I'm stumped. We have a client who cannot log in to our system and yet we can log in fine using her credentials. She can also log in fine from her friends home.

Upon entering her credentials the screen simply refreshes and nothing happens when in fact she should be brought to a dashboard page. When I monitor the request via the Chrome web developer tools I can see that the dashboard does get requested after log in but then suddenly we're brought back to the log in page.

Now I've cleared her cache, cookies and all other temporary internet files from both IE9 (her default browser) and Chrome. Nothing happens. I've read that changing session names might help but that did nothing either.

The system is using the newest version of CakePHP (2.2.1) and absolutely any help would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “CakePHP Login Issues”

  1. Long shot, but have her verify the date & time on her computer. If it’s way out of sync, perhaps the cookies aren’t saving correctly.

  2. She could have some crazy internet connection settings — maybe some bizarre proxy, or rotating IP, or something similar that isn’t “normal”.

    EDIT: Or over zealous anti-virus/actual spyware/other software could be interfering.


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